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Life is short, but your lashes don’t have to be. With our lifting and tinting treatments, your lashes can be as bold and beautiful as you are. With our experts, you’re in great hands. Don’t lash out girl, splash out on your lashes.

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Feeling a chic mani or a pop of color? We're here to make your nail dreams come true. Let's get creative and show your hands some love.

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It’s not about how you create your makeup look; it's about how you feel wearing it that counts. We see makeup as a creative outlet and the perfect way to show some self-love.

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We could give you a Brazilian reasons to get waxed, but the results and hair-free feeling speaks for itself. Goodbye razor, hello gorgeous!

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At SALON Amsterdam, our daily routine is: eat, sleep, brows, repeat! Perfect brows don’t happen by change; they happen by appointment. Book yourself in with our brow specialists and have a perfect brow day.

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Heard of threading? This ancient technique had been mastered by our in-house specialist. It's true, threading is an art and we take pride in our artwork. With expert knowledge and expertise, you’ll leave the salon as a walking masterpiece!

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For every treatment we offer, we also provide courses and training. From learning how to create the perfect brow to mastering our karate kid wax-on-wax off techniques; we believe than an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

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SALON Amsterdon

We’re not your average Dutch beauty salon; with our minimalistic style and wide range of services, we offer high quality for affordable prices. Beauty is our passion and we’re here to provide you with proper beauty treatments.

Based in the South of Amsterdam, tram 4 stops just in front of our door. If you decide to come by car; parking is just 10 cents an hour!
Pop by the salon for a chat or some advice, our friendly staff is always happy to help!

Can We Help ?

If you have any questions or require further information about booking multiple appointments at ones, drop us a message or send us an email. Our lovely receptionist would be happy to help!